A/C repair in a can – DON”T DO IT!

So I have talked about this before. PLEASE DO NOT USE THE A/C IN A CAN REPAIR! Except as a last resort. It has sealant in it and when you use it, it will eventually plug up your system. Then what could have been a small or inexpensive repair, turns ugly, like a crack in the condenser, which could cost 400. Put in the A/C sealer, now it’s more like $1500 because I have to replace the dryer, flush the system and the sealer is in the oil so it has to be changed and it could be in the evaporator as well, now it could re-plug the dryer.

I’ve even found the A/C cycling switch which is 30 bucks to be bad and if you use the parts store A/C system charge with sealant, done.

Sorry, I know it seems unfair but get it checked out first. I do what I call a dye and charge, pull the system down, if it holds a vacuum, I put dye in it and charge it for $140.00. When it stops working, if it does, I find where the dye is coming out. At that time it could be an inexpensive repair or you could say I’m doing the sealant but at least you can make the correct decision, stay cool.

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